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Scusate la confusione ma sto riaggiornando tutto il sito!


Ricerche passate, future e presenti

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From the Past

Dive into My Research

The dreamers

They are unshakable dreamers. Their dream are pleasant, they love the world and other humans. They don’t belong to any race, they are just people. They don’t show their body but however they share their mind. They stay grounded and their dreams portray themselves. They are a peacock tale, a ruffled curl or a strange hat.I’m one of them, aren’t you?

The Iron Ladies

The Iron Ladies are women with a poker face, full of perception and hidden desireLittle ladies’ talk


Young Frida

Looking for FridaYoung Frida - 8x8 - Inks on watercolour paperFrida - A4 - Inks on watercolour paper - on exhibition Finding 50 Fridas by East End Prints - London 



Now I decide to explore outside. I would like to observe the landscape, I would melt a real view with my personal wayto see, aiming to discover the inner soul of a place. By combining Drawing Outdoor and the ‘Organic Thoughts’approach I will share my feeling and my own point of view about the world.​

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