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January 30, 2025

Now I decide to explore outside. I would like to observe the landscape, I would melt a real view with my personal way

to see, aiming to discover the inner soul of a place. By combining Drawing Outdoor and the ‘Organic Thoughts’

approach I will share my feeling and my own point of view about the world.

I will set as a starting point my house in New Kings Road and I will cover a journey towards the House of Illustration

(ending point) during which I will explore 6 different locations/situations. Every month I will observe and record a new

location in many different ways (photo-video, sketching…). And for the end of the month, I will produce a final work

about an area, place or building.

Every step will be collected in a journey diary (both on paper and digital) in which I will collect, observe, explore. The

final works would be a collage of emotions and visions made by inks on paper, without excluding that they could be a collage where previous materials will be transformed and melted together.

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